What to Know About Voting in NYC 2020

(NYC Trend) With the sudden surge of COVID cases, voters in New York are considering the best methods for casting their 2020 vote. Just a couple months ago, New York City was the epicenter to the novel Coronavirus and forced government officials to take the necessary precautions to assure New Yorkers could vote safely. The primaries indicated the increased demand for absentee ballots, which also highlighted the unaccounted mail in ballots due to the budget cuts for the Postal Service.

One of the key benefits to voting by mail includes avoiding the potential congestion that could lead to another spike in COVID victims. The most secure way to guarantee a ballot would be to allow the Postal Service enough time to receive and transport the vote. USPS recommends submitting ballots 15 days prior to the election date, November 3rd. You can request an absentee ballot here. Only registered NYC Voters can apply.

Voters also have the option of visiting in-person voting locations starting Saturday, October 24 to Sunday, November 1. State officials are presuming shorter wait times and smaller crowds. The CDC has put together guidelines for voting sites to ensure the health and safety of all voters. Masks are a vital part of keeping others well, and hand sanitizing is also highly recommended when handling ballots. New Yorkers can locate their poll sites here.

Voters still have the option of attending the polls on Election Day, with the same policies set in place to safeguard their wellbeing. As the city opens back up while simultaneously battling COVID, the elections are a fundamental process to initiating change, and enforcing the proper regulations that are major for the nation’s development.

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