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This App Is Taking on the Food Waste Problem in NYC

It’s no secret that food waste in NYC and throughout America is a big problem. In fact, America is the global leader in food waste, wasting and discarding an estimated 40 million tons of food each year. Financially, that’s over $161 billion in the trash! Per person, this waste weighs approximately 219lbs and makes up between 30-40% of America’s overall food supply.

Thankfully, people have taken notice and a Danish app called “Too Good to Go” was established in New York City out of this crisis to help reduce the food waste in restaurants. Their mission is to save food from going in the trash unnecessarily and to help reduce greenhouse emissions caused by wasting perfectly good food. 

Though their mission stems from NYC, this app is not stopping there. They want to create change globally to help solve and regulate the food waste problem. They plan to target not only restaurants but also individuals, schools, and other countries. 

Working With Restaurants in NYC

“Too Good to Go” partners with restaurants in New York City to help them not only put their “good” food to good, but also make a profit—restaurants can be recognized for being key players in regards to sustainability, and get noticed by a new crowd of customers. It’s a win-win!

“Too Good to Go” helps restaurants to identify why food waste is a problem in their establishment and where it’s stemming from. For instance, are they ordering too much of one item? Are they ordering prematurely? Or is it something else entirely? Once they identify the problem, “Too Good to Go” helps to develop a system to solve that root issue. 

Since its launch in NYC in September of 2020, “Too Good to Go” has partnered with over 250 local New York businesses. Some of them you may recognize, such as Stumptown Coffee, Breads Bakery, and Black Seed Bagels. It is taking over all of the boroughs in the city with its mission for sustainability. 

But Where Does the Extra Food Go?

Of course, “Too Good to Go” helps restaurants develop a plan of action to cut down on their food waste, however, there inevitably will still be some waste. So where does that food go?

This is where the citizens of NYC benefit. If you register as a user with “Too Good to Go,” you will be notified if restaurants near you will be giving away food for one-third of the price at the end of the day. The service is both free for restaurants to send notifications to the app, as well as users to receive them. 

“Too Good to Go” has incorporated “surprise bags”, which you can pick up as a customer after you select a time on the app. This allows restaurants flexibility as some items may not be eligible to “waste” at the end of the day. 

It’s clear that by accepting this new way of ordering, New Yorkers aren’t just hungry, but also conscious about issues plaguing their city and the world at large.

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