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The Thomas Scheibitz “Abacus” Exhibit is a Must-See

(NYC Trend) — If you haven’t had the chance to check out the raved about Thomas Scheibitz Abacus exhibit at the Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, then you better get there by December 19th! 

If you’re unfamiliar with the Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, it’s a gallery located on 21st in Chelsea in New York City, with a sister gallery located in L.A. The gallery, which has been opened since the early 90s, features many different artists in all media including paintings, installations, sculptures, videos, and more. The venue has both upstairs and downstairs galleries which are utilized at the same time to showcase two artists concurrently. Each exhibit lasts an average of six weeks, so 10-12 exhibits a year are possible within this venue. 

Introducing Thomas Scheibitz

Thomas Scheibitz is no newcomer to the Tanya Bonakdar Gallery. In fact, his works have been featured nine times by this gallery. This exhibition, entitled Abacus, is a solo exhibition, unattached to any of his previous work that has been showcased. Scheibitz’s experimentation with both abstraction and figuration has helped him create a unique style of art that is easy to identify as one of his masterpieces. 

With his exhibit, Abacus, he challenges his fans and new admirers to see the world and his art through multiple perspectives. Starting with the name, the abacus is an ancient counting tool, a banking software system, and a research organization. That word holds multiple meanings, inviting people to look at it from a new or different perspective.

Scheibitz uses classical painting techniques and architecture with urban landscaping and pop culture sprinkled in to challenge the viewer to create new interpretations and perspectives. He uses deconstructed signs, layering techniques, and colors of turquoise, powdery blue, gray, and peachy hues to create an overall effective experience for his audience.

Fama, one of the most notable pieces of the exhibit translates from Latin as “gossip” or “fake news.” This timely piece comments on the current political and social system of America. 

How To Attend

The exhibit can be viewed online in a gallery and through a video tour. But, if you’re looking to see these gems up close and personal, an appointment must be made prior to attending and all visitors must wear masks. To make an appointment, simply visit this link.

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