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The New York Botanical Garden is Hosting Virtual Lectures

(NYC Trend) — If you missed the New York Botanical Garden’s virtual lecture on January 28th, don’t be too disappointed. The institution is hosting two more this spring, one in February and one in March, so you have two more chances to tune into garden-related lectures that could change the way you think about plants.

The first lecture was hosted by Sue Stuart-Smith on January 28th and focused on the mental health benefits of gardening. Not only do we grow plants while gardening, but we also grow and sustain our inner-selves. It focused on nurturing the body and the mind while tending to the plants and soil.

Now, if that idea excites you, get ready for the next two lectures coming up…

Leslie Bennets: Gardens of Sanctuary – February 25th, 2021

Leslie Bennets is the founder and current owner of Pine House Edible Gardens, where she is a leader in customizing, building, designing, and being a visionary for edible landscapes. Her vision is to make gardens not only appealing to the eye but also productive and valuable. 

Bennets doesn’t just focus on growing traditional foods such as lettuce and tomatoes, she also puts focus on growing medicinal herbs and flowers for both beauty and natural supplements and teas. 

The founder has received awards such as the American Horticultural Society’s 2020 Great American Gardeners Landscape Design Award, as well as contributed as a co-author to the book, The Beautiful Edible Garden. Her heavy background of degrees from Harvard, Columbia Law School, and University College in London along with her eco-friendly eye-for-design has gained her features in big publications such as Better Homes & Gardens and Martha Stewart Living. 

Follow this link to buy your ticket to the online event happening on February 25th, 2021. 

Larry Weaner: Music Composition and Landscape Design – March 25th, 2021

Larry Weaner has an interesting take on gardening which combines music composition along with his landscape design. He believes the two go hand-in-hand as they beautifully create expression within a structure. Like music, gardening stimulates responses. You could say that both are very much alive. 

In this virtual lecture, Weaner will focus on the idea of understanding composition in order to help garden and landscape designers customize their designs to hit the emotional chord of onlookers experiencing the garden. 

Weaner is well-known in the gardening world, noted as being innovative and new-age. His work has been featured in Landscape Architecture Magazine, The New York Times, Garden Design, and many others. Weaner is also a leader of his own publicity, writing the book, Garden Revolution: How Our Landscapes Can Be A Source of Environmental Change, for which he received a book award in 2017. 

To attend this virtual event happening on March 25th, 2021, follow this link.

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