The 5 People You Will Meet in NYC

(NYC Trend) New York City is one of, if not the most famous city in the world. It can also lay claim to being one of the most unique and colorful cities as well. This is due in large part to the types of people who live, work, and visit this city every single day. As someone who has worked in NYC, visited it dozens of times of the year, and spoken to close friends who have lived there, I can attest to this. The one common theme is the types of people you are bound to encounter. Here are the five most prevalent types of people you will see walking the streets of New York City.

#1 – The Tourist

Believe it or not, you are more likely to see someone who is visiting NYC than someone who actually lives there. The tourist is the person who is usually accompanied by their entire family. You can find them stopped in the middle of the sidewalk, looking up in amazement at some of the tallest buildings they have ever seen. You may also find them taking pictures with Elmo or Big Bird in Times Square.

#2 – The Street Salesmen

You cannot walk down a busy city street without someone trying to sell you something. The street salesmen are there to sell things that you probably don’t need. It might be a fake handbag to a young professional, a watch to a busy businessman, or a mini statue of liberty to the aforementioned tourist family. If you are not interested in buying their products, it is best to not make eye contact. If you are interested, it is worth trying to haggle on the price to save a few bucks.

#3 – The Commuter

With streets crowded with tourists and salesmen, our next individual is on a mission to avoid them all. The commuter can be identified as someone with their air pods in and bag over their shoulder as they quickly navigate through a maze of random people. Even though they have been working in the city for years, they are still annoyed at the amount of people that surround them. They are almost always late for something such as work, a meeting, subway, or train home.

#4 – The Street Performer

As if the streets of the world’s greatest city were not crowded enough, this next group of people are here to take up more room. The street performer is similar to the salesmen as their purpose is to make money. However, instead of hocking cheap goods, they are earning it through entertainment. This may take several forms such as music, dancing, or singing. If they make you stop long enough to pay attention, you at least owe them a dollar to be thrown in their hat or bucket.

#5 – The Resident

We end our list with the only person who probably lives close to where you are seeing them. The resident actually lives in New York City and deals with the above-mentioned people on a daily basis. These people are so used to New York City you can actively see them dogging traffic and crossing the street as quickly as possible to get to their destination. They know where all the good places to eat are that have fewer people and lower prices. They avoid midtown and Times Square at all costs and have completely tuned out those salesmen and street performers we talked about earlier.


New York City is busy, crowded, and eclectic due to the types of people we listed above. All these people have their place, and the city would not be the same without them. The next time you visit, try to count how many you see and what exactly they are doing. You may even buy a knick knack, watch a performance, or get run over by a commuter catching a train home.

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