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Randall’s Island Park Events and Resources

(NYC Trend) — There really is so much to do when you live in the city, and despite COVID, this is still very true. Randall’s Island Park, for one, has regular events that will keep you and your family busy all year-round. The park has something for everyone of all ages and interests. Plus, it will give you an excuse to be outside of your house—something we’ve all been craving these past six months. 

So, whether you’re looking for something artsy and creative or something to get your heart pumping, Randall’s Island Park has got you covered. Check out some of our favorite programs they’re currently offering below. 

To-Go Art Projects 

Art on the Farm is a creative program designed for the whole family. Visitors to the park can pick up free to-go art kits which provide them with a creative prompt and supplies to complete it. These projects use farm-life inspiration to get the creative juices flowing and help families create fridge-worthy art projects. 

Art kits in the past have included watercolor projects and nature journals. The art program is designed for people of any age, so even the youngest Picasso can try his or her hand with a to-go kit. 

Autumn Walks

Walking around in the autumn season really is a beautiful sight. But sometimes we forget to slow down and take it all in. That’s why Randall’s Island Park is offering free autumn walks with their staff to help people breathe the crisp air and observe the stunning foliage. 

During the walk, you will learn why certain leaves turn certain colors as well as other tidbits of knowledge through the conversational teaching of the RIPA’s staff member. Although the walks are free, you must register beforehand!

Field and Track Program

If you have a child between the ages of 12 and 16, you’ll be pleased to know that they qualify to be a part of Randall’s Island’s weekly field and track program. This program teaches youth the fundamentals of the sport, with no necessary experience to join. This program focuses on different running techniques for both relays and sprints. But that’s not all; the program will also include other track and field events including hurdles, long jump, and long-distance running.

If this sounds like something your child would excel at, sign them up today to help them stay active and healthy through the fall season. 

Natural Areas Tour

You’ve probably walked past the salty marshes of Randall’s Island, but have you stopped to observe the area and learn about its inhabitants? Probably not. Thank goodness, Randall’s Island Park is now hosting natural area tours to help visitors become more educated about the piece of land they frequent. 

Through these regularly scheduled tours, visitors can learn about the city’s only freshwater wetland with information on its wildflowers, birds, and other wildlife that flocks to it. You will also get to know the history of the land and meet some of its colorful and flighty inhabitants. 

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