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NYC Public Library Virtual Resources to Check Out

(NYC Trend) — The New York City Public Library has branches located conveniently throughout all of the boroughs and neighborhoods. In fact, you probably walk past a branch on your way home, to work, or on your way to the subway. And, all of these locations have wonderful resources to help you with your studies, assist you with picking up a new hobby, or simply entertain you. 

However, you may not feel comfortable stepping foot in a very public space during the age of COVID. Thankfully, the NYC Public Library system has adapted to the times and is offering resources you can access from the comfort of your own home. Here are our favorites.

Virtual Storytime

Although a congregated story-time may not be able to happen amongst the little ones at NYC Public Library, the library has developed a daily program that brings story-time right to your home screen. The virtual story-time program is designed for young readers of NYC. Children’s librarians share their favorite tales virtually incorporating songs and teaching moments to help brighten the minds of New York’s youth. 

The NYC Public Library system understands the importance of keeping story-time alive. Stories are available here to view and listen to every Monday through Friday at 10 AM. This can work as a great addition to a remote learning program. 

Ebooks and Audiobooks

Did you know that the NYC Public Library offers over 300,000 ebooks and audiobooks for free? Yes, free! The library even has an app you can download onto your iPhone, tablet, or Android that will connect you automatically to their free selection. 

The library of free materials ranges from children and teen’s reads to adult fiction to magazines to scholarly material perfect for study time. All you need is your library card handy to get this generous gift of knowledge and entertainment. 


Some people are more apt to read a magazine than a thick biography or fantasy and the NYC Public Library understands that. That’s why they offer access to over 100 popular magazines via Flipster. 

Magazines such as Bon Appetit, People, TIME, and Sports Illustrated can be found via an easy-to-use search on the mobile app. So, get ready to dive into some serious self-care reading up on your favorite celebrities or sports teams all from the comfort of your own home. 

Educational Courses

Education is an essential part of any library resource program. Courses through, a LinkedIn company, provides access to over 5,700 courses in a variety of fields including IT, web design, business, and media production. These courses are curated with both video and text, making it a great choice for any type of learner.

You can easily track course progress as you work your way through the lessons. There is even a spot to keep course notes. Courses just became available through a mobile app, making it even more accessible. What are you waiting for?

Virtual Book Clubs 

If you’re a person that thrives off of external motivation, then maybe a virtual book club is what you need to get your rear in gear and put your attention to the page. The NYC Public Library virtual book club is easy to join and it’s helping bring New Yorkers together in the midst of the pandemic. 

The book of the month is offered for free via their e-reader app along with more than 300,000 other titles. The host of the book club, Alison Stewart, guides the group through their reading throughout the month. There are also smaller discussion groups. Find your discussion group here.

Digital Collections

If you’re interested in learning in your own way and on your own time, then access to the NYC Public Library’s digital collections may entice you. The collection has over 800,000 digitized items for your viewing. This includes photos, manuscripts, maps, videos, prints, and more. 

If you’re looking for something in particular, simply do a keyword search on the site. Or if you’re up for learning something new, take a leap and just start browsing. We’re sure you’ll find something that will pique your interest. 

Mango Languages

The NYC Public Library system offers language courses in 71 different languages through the company Mango Languages. All of the courses provide step-by-step lesson plans making it easy to master a new lingo in no time at all!

Like many other programs offered by the NYC Public Library, there is an app attached to make learning a new language convenient for any lifestyle. Access to this program is a great excuse to touch up on your French or dive into something totally different. Cantonese, anyone?

Learning Express Library

Although school is a little different nowadays, that doesn’t mean students are getting a break from testing. The Learning Express Library offered by the NYC Public Library system gives access to test materials and practice exams for students of all ages. 

Not only do they provide traditional students with resources, but they also assist with civil service exams, military exams, and a variety of professional certificates and licensing exams. 

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