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3 Tips to Give Your Friends Visiting New York City

(NYC Trend) Living in NYC is an exciting experience with never a dull moment to spare. There are literally hundreds of dining options to choose from, parks to walk in, and historical landmarks to go visit. You also get to see interesting people, listen to live music at unexpected times, and experience several other things that most Americans never do.

NYC is the most famous city in the world. Therefore, if you live here, you will have friends and family members who insist on visiting you. You can guide them through the Big Apple when you are together, but what happens if they plan on venturing out on their own before or after they visit with you? NYC has certain quirks which are normal to you but would catch an outsider off guard. Here are 3 tips for anyone visiting NYC this year.

#1 – Watch Out for the Taxis

In other parts of the country, people drive the speed limit, obey street signs and yield to pedestrians. This does not always happen in New York City. Therefore, it is crucial you explain to your visitor that they are responsible to look out for wild cab drivers at all times. In general, it is good practice to look both ways multiple times before crossing any street.

As far as hailing a cab, you are better off downloading and utilizing Uber instead. You may have mastered hailing a cab, but it probably took a few weeks that your friend doesn’t have. Plus, to instruct a taxi driver on where to go you must be very specific. This does not bode well for an outsider. Uber allows you to type in the exact address of where you want to go without issue.

#2 – Research Your Dinner Spot

New York City is home to a wide variety of award-winning bars and restaurants. However, unlike in smaller suburban towns, most of these places require a reservation. If your guest has their heart set on somewhere specific, you are better off calling ahead to ensure that there will be a table available. While you are out, confirm the dress code as well to avoid being turned away at the door.

It may also be worth pointing out that the best dining spots are away from the more touristy areas by Madison Square Garden and Times Square. Those areas tend to feature chain restaurants with higher prices. Even the non-chain eateries are more expensive because of their location relative to highly visited tourist spots.

#3 – Avoid The Subways At Rush Hour

Anyone who lives in NYC understands what riding the subway is like. However, anyone outside of the Big Apple may compare it to their local version of mass transit. We all know that the two are most likely not even close to each other. In off hours, the subway is bearable, but during Rush Hour you are packed in like sardines for what feels like forever.

Anyone visiting New York City should be encouraged to walk as much as possible. There is so much to see and take in while you walk the streets. You never know what store you will pass and want to go into. While the subway does not cost a lot of money, it can be stressful trying to navigate its complicated maps and systems. As a foreigner, you run the risk of getting on the wrong train and having to figure how to get back to where you came from.


New York City is one of the most amazing cities in the world. It is a place that everyone should go and visit at least once in their life. However, it is something you must be prepared for. As a resident of or someone who is familiar with this city, pass along these tips and tricks to anyone before they plan their next trip.

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